Samantha Automates Student-Athlete Data Entry and Processes

Samantha Automates Student-Athlete Data Entry and Processes

Samantha Lowder shares how the NJCAA transformed their membership and student-athlete letter of intent processes from manual data entry to digitally automated ones.

"We're at the one-year mark and have processed 170,000 documents through our Formstack account."

The NJCAA was grappling with a manual process for letters of intent and scholarship management for their 500+ member colleges across the country. The team was collecting over 70,000 scholarships a year through paper signatures and uploading them to their systems. They needed a solution that would simplify this time-consuming process and ensure data accuracy within the time constraints of the commitment process. 

Once learning about Formstack from partner Carabiner Group, the team was able to transition away from paper and leverage Forms for Salesforce to collect all member information digitally. All their documents regarding student-athletes are now generated from Salesforce data, with Formstack as the engine behind it. Today the NJCAA collects all their signatures digitally and have increased the documents processed to over 170,000 in a year.

Scaling the impact of the program to this level is enabled through Formstack's sub-account feature. Each member college within the NJCAA now has their own account that they can allow member colleges to track and sign their own documents as well.

Formstack provided the NJCAA an efficient system that saved time and increased productivity, leading to positive feedback and accessibility to data for member colleges.

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Achieved ease of data collection

Samantha shared that “the NJCAA has been able to provide ease of data entry and streamlined processes for our member colleges" with Forsmtack.

Improved data accuracy

"Formstack provides peace of mind because the information collected is accurate and there is no invalid data,” said Samantha.

Enhanced member experience & services

The NJCAA received positive feedback from member colleges. "Formstack is always improving their platform based on feedback from users," Samantha noted.

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The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) is the nation’s premier governing body for two-year collegiate athletics, providing student-athletes opportunities to achieve in academics and athletics. It has over 500 member schools in 42 states.
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